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Minerva Mink Multiple by Trying2FanFiction
Minerva Mink Multiple
Drew this a couple of months ago. I got inspired when I was rewatching Animaniacs. Minerva Mink was in a lot of my favorite skits from the show.
Young Jamie by Trying2FanFiction
Young Jamie
This could be seen as a regular young Junkrat drawings or the human form of my young Junkfish design.

**Slight spoilers for my fan fic....
When Jamie turns into a human he looses the red marks on his face, but his white freckles remain. And in the future he'll put dirt on his face to hide his white freckles.
The Rats by Trying2FanFiction
The Rats

I’ve seen Junkrat compared to the creepy man that cuts hair in Courage the Cowardly Dog and a few other characters. But I’ve personally haven’t seen any comparison to Rattrap from Beast Wars.

Hear me out.
1) Both are based on rats
2) Rattrap’s first color scheme is copper, silver, brown and a couple of different colors, very similar to Junkrat’s
3) Rattrap’s second form latter in the series has wheels and in robot form the tires are on his back.
4) Rattrap’s original concept was as a disabled character, hence his ‘brain cap’ designs, but due to the tech the animators had and someone higher up they couldn’t go too far with that idea.
5) They’re both demolition experts!
6) Rattap’s best friends/frienimes are very tall/big, Dinobot and Rhinox. Junkrat’s best friend (and/or bodyguard) is Roadhog.

Little Junkfish by Trying2FanFiction
Little Junkfish
Here is an illustration for my fanfiction I posted here in archive of our own…

It's an Alternate Universe tale of Mer-Junkrat...I can't lie, Junkfish AU is cute.
I'm back on the internet, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things on my different accounts on different sites. I got lots of fanart to share and hopefully I can get back into commissions and the community in general.



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