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Tire Swing Junkrat by Trying2FanFiction
Tire Swing Junkrat

Just look how happy he is on his tire swing! I want a tire swing…nevermind I don’t own a tree, but that’s besides the point.

Finally colored in my lineart.Changed a couple of things from the first time I posted, like the pants and tattoo, it can be funny what you don’t notice in a drawing until you start to color it in. Later I might add in a background, but for now I like it.

Request 3 2016 by Trying2FanFiction
Request 3 2016
Request art for Daiskida. The characters are from a show called Squirrel and Hedgehog. It's a show from N. Korea, it is odd and fun in a 'B movie' kind of way. I watched three episodes to get a feel and I find myself cheering for the 'bad guys', which are wolves, mice, weasels and lt.Fox/Vixen.

 It is a propaganda show, of course it is, its from N. Korea,  but I think the writers/animators sorta fail at making Flower Hill/'themselves' sympathetic. The animals from Flower Hill are cute, but they don't show their emotions well, they're too controlled. Whereas the other animals have a wide range of facial expressions. Plus the wolves can break poles with their tails.

Overall I think this show is interesting, and I didn't find anything offensive about the three episodes I watched. Just the kind of things you can see in most shows about war, fights, spies, lying, and so on. There are a lot more episodes out there. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the show has giant metal attack ships in the shape of hawks.
Pokemon Halloween Gif

Happy Pokemon Halloween

Hopefully this will turn out, I made this animated loop and I hope it works on the first try. If not I’ll try again soon.
I got my request slots filled.

My ten slots for commission are still open.

Spots Open: Ten for the month of October
1)Currently the commissions will be mostly based on my old pricing until I can figure out a new pricing. So get your orders in soon to get the older pricing. Cause pricing will change soon.
2)To keep things simple I'd like to have all commission orders/questions sent to my newer email
3) Commissions will be completed within two weeks unless something on my end comes up.

Line-art 5$
Adding a simple line art background: add 2$ (Example:1 single item like a tree or wall. Example 2 ground and sky.)  
+3$ per additional (characters/animals)

Flat coloring 8$
Add simple background: add 3$
+ 4$ per additional character/animals

Full Color Shading 11$
Adding a simple full shaded background: add 5$
+ 5$ per additional character/animals

Screen-tone Flat colored 9$
Add Screen-tone flat  simple background: add 3$
+ 4$ per additional character/animals

Screen-tone with shading 11$
Screen-tone with shading  simple background: add 5$
+ 4$ per additional character/animals

Reaction shots/askblogs From the head to the shoulders: line art
1 face 2$
3 faces 5$
5 faces 8$

Reaction shots/askblog from head to shoulders: colored and shaded
1 face 5$
2 faces 8$
5 faces 13$



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